Unprecedented Innovation. MES 400 Series
The next evolution
in smoking is here.
Designed specifically with the barbecue and tech enthusiast in mind, the MES 400 Series features innovation both a novice and a pro will appreciate.
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Custom Smoke
With five different smoke settings, smoke it your way. Infuse food with a range of smoky flavor - from perfectly subtle to hearty and robust.
Grill + Finish
Revolutionize your recipes and add the finishing touch. Grill burgers, hot dogs, and steaks while adding smoke infused flavor. Broil and finish off ribs, wings, bacon-wrapped recipes, and more.
The Experience
Master the art of smoking, from prep to plate, with the new and improved app from Masterbuilt. With custom timers and alerts, no detail is missed while monitoring your masterpiece. Whether you’re a novice or a backyard BBQ pro, you’ll enjoy the ability to operate and control features of your smoker from your smart device. Set the smoking temperature and time, monitor the internal meat temperature, and enjoy the process.
Take It to the
Next Level
Rotisserie Kit
We can all agree that rotisserie chicken is delicious, but what’s even better is smoked rotisserie chicken. Waiting 4 to 5 hours can be torture, but with this innovative accessory, you can enjoy smoked rotisserie chicken in about one hour! The kit fits all MES 400 Series Bluetooth Digital Electric Smokers. Includes the motor, two meat claws, and spit rods.
Side Shelf
The side shelf is the perfect addition, making extra room for spices, tools, and more! With solid steel construction, the side shelf fits all MES 400 Series Bluetooth Digital Electric Smokers.
Meat Probes
Sometimes one meat probe is not enough, so we’ve given you the ability to add up to four. Each meat probe has a 52” braided wire cord.
Make It
Accessories available June 2019
Disposable Pans
Cleanup is a breeze with our disposable pans. Six heavy-duty pans are ideal for use with the Masterbuilt notched rack, as a pan liner in our non-stick pan, or below to catch excess drippings. Available in regular and large sizes.
Protect what’s important. Weather-resistant smoker covers with a cinch cord and locking toggle will shield your smoker from dust, debris, and harsh elements. Available in two sizes for the MES 430 and MES 440 models.
Wood Chips
Choose your flavor and start the journey using our natural hardwood, BBQ grade wood chips. A convenient side spout pours just the right amount of wood chips to use for your favorite recipes. Available in Hickory, Apple, and Master Blend (Maple, Hickory, and Cherry).
Wood Chunks
Perfect to use with the Custom Smoke feature, our natural hardwood, BBQ grade wood chunks are ideal for sustaining smoke and adding flavor. Available in Hickory, Mesquite, and Apple.
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Available in 30" & 40" sizes.
Choose from black or stainless finish.
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